I tire of posting from the backlog of ancient drawings when the frontlog is so full!

http://jimwoodring.blogspot.com/ — Jim Woodring’s blog. Featuring Jim Woodring’s amazing surreal art.
http://www.wow-europe.com/en/contests/noblegarden/winners.html — Warcraft-inspired easter eggs.

Also, check out this sweet snippet from the LiveJournal usage FAQ: “Additionally, if you post an entry using the Rich Text editor, the Edit Journal Entry page will display your entry using the Rich Text editor. There is no way to switch back to the ordinary editor once you have done this; instead, you can press the Source button to edit the entry in plain text.”
… hello, undying mediocre javascript rich-text editor of forever.

(ps: LiveJournal’s spell checker doesn’t like “LiveJournal.”  Or, for that matter, “blog”)