Let’s get a few things out of the way.
1) The “bonus” short film was totally awesome.
2) Ratatouille looks awesome.
3) The barrage of previews for non-Pixar CG films serves to remind viewers: Pixar’s competitors are still all hacks.
4) Most of those competitors are probably also furries.

Got all that? Okay. Let’s talk about the movie.
Cars is fundamentally weak material. It’s hokey. The plotting is painfully predictable. During the worst bits, it lost me — waiting for the damn sports-movie-style ‘final game’ to play out, as the lessons learned revealed their use in sequence … I don’t know. I checked the time. Thought about my work. Considered how the movie fit with reviews I’d read. Began evaluating it in terms of food metaphors, like “This flick is a McDonald’s Happy Meal, as prepared by the world’s best chefs.”
… because it is prepared by an excellent team. The art is wonderful. There are a lot of great moments within the film. And for the most part, I enjoyed it.