Pirates 2: Half of the Sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean wasn’t very horrible at all. It was even possible to enjoy! Long, though. They need an editor.

What’s with big extravagant movies not having editors these days? Seriously, Hollywood, I’m not such a busy man. Give me a call, and I’ll tell you the parts you can cut. You don’t even have to show me the movie. I will just start listing time spans, and you will start cutting them. Trust me. Everyone will be happier this way.

Oh, and maybe I am supposed to post this … meme. Thing. Probably. Yes, the one right below this text.
No no, not here, a little lower.

  1. Ask and I’ll tell you what fandom I associate with you.
  2. Post this in your own journal so I can see what fandom you associate with me.
  3. I’ll tell you what icon I see on my friends list and know it’s you.

Ah! Too low!