Ignoring the little lizard-man, here are 3 premises for movies that don’t take place in contemporary times:

1. Well before cameras are widespread, or known to the layman, a science-obsessed young man creates one in his makeshift lab in the woods. He uses it to take pictures, and finds that the quiet girl who is new to his small town does not show up on film. As he discretely attempts to carry out experiments (without her knowledge) to understand her skin’s strange properties, he finds himself drawn close to her through the increasingly awkward situations his experiments create.

2. A traveling circus with a “world’s fattest man” exhibit has an exceptionally motivated fat man. In competition with a different circus’s fat man, he continually contemplates new ways to increase his already-immense size. In one town, a female mayor who is strangely attracted by his discourse and dimensions stays after hours and helps him develop new techniques to increase his weight, but unfortunately their success is so extreme that the circus (and train system generally) can no longer transport the man. Without anywhere else to go, the woman and town take responsibility for the man and find themselves gradually destroyed, devoured by his all-consuming ambition.

3. In a small town in America, there’s an on-going witch hunt. But, far from being the puritan town it pretends to be, in fact every single member of the town is a witch. As they sacrifice their own to present a front to those who they do not know are also witches, the witches slowly begin to realize their mistake.