… okay, this is obviously the gravy train. And the gravy train is good — that’s not a claim, that’s the definition. But it’s kinda scary, don’t you think? Even at that scale, the gravy train is still a TRAIN. Coming straight at your GULLET. Think about that, man. This is especially scary for people who have sensitive gullets.

I got in to Princeton and U. Michigan today!

Both informed via email. I also got an email from “Carnegie Mascot”. It said:

Subject: Student Feedback on University Mascot

Dear Students,

The Mascot Task Force was launched in Fall, 2006 to identify an official
mascot for Carnegie Mellon. The committee, comprised of 7 undergraduates, 2
graduate students, and representatives from Student Affairs, Athletics,
Campus Services, Trademark Licensing, Alumni Relations and University
Advancement, is seeking student feedback at:

{website omitted}

Thank you for your critical assistance.

Dude — at least 15 members on that committee. Can you imagine what a meeting would be like? First Howard would chime in with “I think it’s very important to continue the Scottish heritage and tradition of the mascot. I like the idea of giving it a name like Terry or Andy.” Then Adams would counter with “Ideally, I think we could have a cartoon tartan or blanket as our mascot. It could be like the magic carpet in Aladdin or the blanket in Brave Little Toaster. It might be too hard to have it as a real life mascot for games though, since it would be difficult to dress someone up as a piece of cloth.”

real quotes, by the way.