So TIGSource got forums, and started making a game — pretty remarkable to see the sprite work and levels just coming up as random people write them. I even did a little bit — added the ‘grey skull that falls down’ bit to this: , and made a ‘getting crushed’ animation: .

In the discussion someone mentioned that it’d be neat to see the bodies of your little character accumulate as the player keeps trying a level. Sounds excellent — reminiscent of this great image by Mudron, but with the characters still on the stage.
I think it’d be great to see a game where the dead bodies not only stay on the stage, but are useful. Like, perhaps you can stack your dead bodies, climb them, and reach a new area! Or you can die next to a guard, and they’ll get annoyed by the smell and leave. Or if you get eaten by a monster enough, he bloats up and can’t chase you as quickly anymore.