DID YOU KNOW that there is a Web (2.0) site called “Twitter” to which people post constant brief reports on their current activity? It is possible and moreover encouraged to post to this website via cellphone TXT MSG, so users may provide On The Scene Coverage of all their Activities such as (for example) bowel movement.

Note that I am NOT YET a member of “Twitter.” Due to this gross oversight, The People may lack valuable and fascinating coverage of my current location and activities. To remedy this situation, the following facts have been listed below.

1. I am now in Berkeley, which is a part of California, which is a State in the United States of America.
1.5. I’m working on a PhD in CS (specifically in computer graphics)
2. I am working for Avideh Zakhor, who I HAVE BEEN TOLD looks like Elvis Presley.
3. Only a FEW DAYS PAST, I was in the Great Ohio, enjoying the Holidays with my traditional routine of incredibly slothful behavior.
4. During this break I read a book called Candy Freak which was non-fiction about a man who enjoys candy too much. It was a good book, although rather chocolate-BIASED.
4.5. Now I am slowly picking through Trampoline, a short story anthology edited by Kelly Link. I have only read a tiny amount but it is quite excellent so far. Here is an excerpt from it, part of a short story by Samantha Hunt called “Famous Men: For Love”:

“His driver had not stopped after striking the pedestrian. And over the course of the next few days and weeks the Sultan, at odd moments of quiet, found himself making his pointer and middle finger into the pedestrian. And then he began to do it at not so odd moments. He began thinking of her regularly. He walked her across the table. He tucked her under his sheets, but it was an awkward position for his hand to be in, so she, as his hand, lay in bed lifeless. This inactivity disturbed the Sultan. Normally, he thought girls’ legs were the prettiest things he’d ever seen, but not this girl’s. His fingers made her legs rough and stubby.”

5. I am in California TWO WEEKS too early and there are very few people around.
6. I have been entertaining myself by working on Random Things.

Well, that’s enough about me! How are you?