I was thinking about talking about comedy in game design. Specifically, a unique sort of comedy I see in The Big Adventure of Owata’s Life” and its ilk (I Wanna Be The Guy and whatever this Japanese game is called). These games find difficulty (and, I think, comedy) in constantly finding new ways to shift the mechanics of the world you’re exploring in surprising (and deadly) ways. I wonder how well this design strategy could be adapted to a game which doesn’t constantly need to kill / frustrate the player?

… but that idea’s a bit esoteric and half-formed, so instead maybe I was going to complain about how China makes no sense. And how they still still love Mao even though that guy was basically a terrible person.

But that’s just regurgitating links sent to me by the esteemed Mr. Haig, and if I were planning to be that lazy, why not just post more youtube links instead? Everyone could use more videos of gibbons teasing tigers (mute the soundtrack on that one) and videos of folk comedy duo Flight of the Concords, like:
Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros
Beautiful Girl
Business Time
Albi (the racist dragon)

But NO, instead I’m just going to point out that if you pour Emergen-C into a soda, it erupts.

And then it compels you to pick it up and run across the room with it, not having any particular goal except to get it away from your best friendlaptop, and in the process you get soda all over everything, and decide you have to do laundry, and end up staying up way too late again even though you want to make your 9:30 AM class in the morning. And then the soda is flat.
I’m not saying this happened to me. I’m just saying this is how science works.