Since my doodle binges are near my desk anyway, I figure I should start trying to doodle with color on the computer sometimes. So I get some color images just by making a giant blank canvas and putting some colors on it. None of this ‘sketch in black and white, then trace, then color’ that I had done for a few color pictures before but I never had time for and wasn’t that fun anyway.

This is basically a first attempt, so, eh, I guess I’ll see what I can figure out.

One thing I notice so far is that it’s hard to just shove lots of random stuff on the canvas … at first I put all kinds of noisy, high contrast detail in the background (trees, outer space, I don’t even know), and it just looked distracting and clashing and bad. Decided to just paint these solid stripes to put something simple in instead, and it ended up, well, a lot less obnoxious at least.