A Door to the Tree Temple

Testing a super simple mechanic with doors that only open if you match the tree pose etched on them. 


They’re mostly harmless although they can crush the tree if you’re really slow about moving out of their way …


It has been formatted.

It has been formatted.

Tied up in tree jail

Tied up in tree jail

I’m exploring binding the tree as a way to get players to explore the tree movement in a more controlled way …

Godzilla Tree

Godzilla Tree

Tree would go down in history as a tough but fair leader.

At this point, you might as well just call it “STORE”

Trees are not good at taking the stairs

Trees are not good at taking the stairs

Climbing slopes as a tree turns out to be super hard, so I’ve added some simple elevators. Not the most interesting design right now, but it’s functional. This also really helps as I try to open up the level design a bit; without easy two-way vertical motion, it’s hard to make levels that have multiple ways to explore.

Koch Snowflake as inter-dimensional portal

Koch Snowflake as inter-dimensional portal

I’m working on the level exits for my tree game; experimenting with fractal-inspired portals …