Godzilla Tree

Godzilla Tree

Tree would go down in history as a tough but fair leader.

At this point, you might as well just call it “STORE”

Trees are not good at taking the stairs

Trees are not good at taking the stairs

Climbing slopes as a tree turns out to be super hard, so I’ve added some simple elevators. Not the most interesting design right now, but it’s functional. This also really helps as I try to open up the level design a bit; without easy two-way vertical motion, it’s hard to make levels that have multiple ways to explore.

Koch Snowflake as inter-dimensional portal

Koch Snowflake as inter-dimensional portal

I’m working on the level exits for my tree game; experimenting with fractal-inspired portals …

Sloppy french kiss tongue physics

Sloppy french kiss tongue physics

A debug view of two tongues being simulated with Box2D …

( for this game with Sparky: https://twitter.com/LorenSchmidt/status/436620901023379456 )

Birds birds birds

Birds birds birds

I haven’t actually hooked them up to the world in a meaningful way yet; this is just a dumb animation test.

I don’t know why I added worms

I don't know why I added worms

They’re kinda icky.

(Also, I think maybe I should make them leave trails of slightly darkened ground …)

Tank vs the tree

Tank vs the tree

Tank has the advantage, but the tree can sometimes flip Tank.

Sierpinski’s blade (tree?)

Sierpinski's blade (tree?)

Testing a funky l-system-based “tree” that makes little sierpinski-shaped fractals with its branches if you pose it correctly.

(here’s a longer gif of it breezing through a tiny level)

inkscape mockups!

inkscape mockups!

Currently I hard-code the drawing routines for everything that goes into my tree game about being a tree, but I’ve been sketching them first in Inkscape to get an idea of how they’ll look and make sure the ‘procedural’ version is worth building. These are the characters I’ve been mocking up lately.